New version of IACS software deployed

A completely unique IACS software in the EU context has been developed from the ground up for Turkey. While designing the software, the expertise and the experience from the EU member states have been combined with an analysis of the local situation and the local requirements in Turkey. This unique web-based software, which includes numerous modules (applications), will be significantly contributing to the fair and transparent distribution of agricultural supports to more than two million farmers in Turkey. Turkish IACS software (TRIACS) is expected to be actively used by more than 10 thousand staff members of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF).

TRIACS consists of a collection of interlinked web-based applications such as GSAA (Geospatial Aid Application), LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System), OTSC (On-the-Spot Controls) and Administrator. Using these modules, MoAF staff will be able to help farmers digitally register their area and animal-based aid applications, manage and update the physical blocks cover the entirety of the surface area of Turkey, prepare risk-based and random samples for OTSC, carry out controls with remote sensing (CwRS) and digitally register their traditional field controls, and calculate payments for each farmer and prepare comprehensive reports.

TRIACS is completely web-based and it has been developed using the latest software practices presently available. Testing of the software has also been successfully completed.



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