Checks by Monitoring added

A new activity has recently been added within the scope of the project that included setting up the checks by monitoring (CbM) system in Turkey. CbM is an alternative method used in the EU for on-the-spot checks with regard to aid applications for area-related aid schemes. In the framework of CbM, a systematic observation and assessment of those eligibility criteria that can be monitored by Copernicus Sentinel is carried out. In addition, appropriate follow-up activities may be carried out where necessary, in order to conclude on the eligibility of aid requested.

Sentinel data is used because it enables tracking agricultural parcels over a period of time that allows successful assessment of the eligibility of the area-based support requested. In summary, the advantages of using Sentinel data are the availability of time series data in frequent intervals, the capability of crop identification, and the free-to-public availability of the data.

As part of the setting up of the CbM system: a dedicated software application (Ground Truth Collector) has been developed; the system was tested also by carrying out field visits to Adana and Tekirdağ provinces; four MoAF staff has been trained; and necessary supporting procedures has been developed. In addition, the output of the CbM data processing is included as a layer group as part of map windows in all IACS software applications.






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