Training of Trainers completed

Training of Trainers activity of the project was successfully completed in Antalya with the participation of 106 trainers. The 10-day training aimed to provide the trainers with both theoretical background and practical computer skills with regard to using the IACS software.

First week of the training, which included the theoretical part, was held between the dates 18-22 February 2019, while the practical training on computers in parallel sessions in the second week was carried out between the dates 11-15 March 2019. Presentations regarding the theoretical parts of the training were followed by guided and free practice of the previously-prepared training scenarios.

92 participants from provincial directorates and 14 participants from head quarters were trained by our project experts on delineation of agricultural parcels, LPIS update, on-the-spot controls and risk analysis. International senior non-key experts from Geodetski zavod Celje have been actively participating as trainers. Software demonstrations and practical training on computers were led by local experts. Finally, IT support was ensured by local senior non-key expert and the international experts from Sinergise.

In the end of that training, the trainers were entitled to receive a certificate of attendance.





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