New version of IACS software deployed
A completely unique IACS software in the EU context has been developed from the ground up for Turkey. While designing the software, the expertise and the experience from the EU member states have been combined with an analysis of the local situation and the local requirements in Turkey. This unique web-based software, which includes numerous […]
Checks by Monitoring added
A new activity has recently been added within the scope of the project that included setting up the checks by monitoring (CbM) system in Turkey. CbM is an alternative method used in the EU for on-the-spot checks with regard to aid applications for area-related aid schemes. In the framework of CbM, a systematic observation and […]
IACS Wiki put online
OTSC and risk analysis guidebooks developed in the framework of the project have been published in the form of a wiki web site. OTSC and risk analysis guidebooks were prepared by senior experts from Geodetski zavod Celje. A total of 10 guidebooks published cover subjects regarding all aspects of on-the-spot controls and risk analysis, such […]
Training of Staff completed
Following the Training of Trainers activity, Training of staff activity of the project was completed with the participation of a total of 3,600 MoAF staff from 81 provinces. The trainings included the theoretical background and computer demonstrations with regard to using the IACS software, with the aim of ensuring the successful continuation of the IACS […]
Pilot studies carried out in Beypazarı and Torbali
On-the-spot controls (OTSC) pilot study was implemented in Beypazarı district of Ankara province and Torbalı district of İzmir province. On-site tasks were carried out in Beypazarı from 13 to 18 May and in Torbalı from 27 May to 1 June 2019 with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF) staff from district […]