Training of Trainers completed
Training of Trainers activity of the project was successfully completed in Antalya with the participation of 106 trainers. The 10-day training aimed to provide the trainers with both theoretical background and practical computer skills with regard to using the IACS software. First week of the training, which included the theoretical part, was held between the […]
Logo change announced
The Ministry had recently been restructured as Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Following the restructuring, the logo of the Ministry has been updated as well. The new logo of the Ministry includes an emblem surrounded by 16 stars which symbolises 16 Turkish states that were established throughout the history.
IACS software demonstration carried out
Time is going fast for everyone including our project. In the week of 24/9 – 28/9 we have already finished the first demonstration of the new IACS software. During this week we covered a broad range of topics including the digitising of agricultural parcels, case management and the Geospatial Aid Application. All the participants were […]
Name change announced
Recently the name of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL) was changed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest (MoAF). All references to MoFAL have been changed to MoAF. The same applies to the CFCU. The logo has changed but also name. The current name is Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and […]
Questionnaire results received
As mentioned before we conducted a questionnaire to get a better understanding of the agricultural situation (number of holdings, number of actual farmers,etc.) in a number of provinces. But also to get an idea of what will happen when IACS will become operational. The results of this questionnaire can be found in the following file […]