Turkish Legislation

This page contains an overview of all relevant Turkish legislation related to agriculture in Turkey. Turkish agricultural law covers a wide range of topics including insurance, crop and animal support. On this page you will only find the legislation relevant to the IACS project.

Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law No. 5488 has been established in order to develop and support the agricultural sector and the rural area in line with development plans and strategies.

Organic Farming Law has been established to provide the production of organic products and inputs to provide reliable, high quality products.

Decree, Regulations and Communiqués

Decision No 2018/11460 on Agricultural Supports to be implemented in 2018
Decision No 2016/9150 Concerning the Payment of Area Based Income Support to Hazelnut Producers
Regulation 27676 on the Principles and Implementation of Organic Agriculture
Communiqué No 2017/39 on the Implementation of the Crop Production Support Payment Scheme
Communiqué on Implementation Principles No. 2017/32 on Livestock Supports
Communiqué No 2014/46 on the Implementation of the Payment of Support for Good Agricultural Practices
Communiqué No 2016/2 on the Implementation of the Decree on the Support of Small Family Businesses Making Vegetable Production
Communiqué No 2016/43 on the Implementation of the Resolution on the Payment of Area Based Income Support to Hazelnut Producers
Biological and / or Biotechnical Combat Support Payment in Crop Production 2017/36 Application Communiqué
EU Rural Development Program (IPARD) 2014-2020 Report on the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance