Project Stakeholders

The missions of the Ministry are to ensure the sustainable use of agricultural and ecological resources, to increase standard of living in rural areas; and to ensure access to safe food and high-quality agricultural products needed by Turkey and world markets. 

General Directorate of Agricultural Reform

The overall objective is to make rural areas viable by providing agricultural infrastructure and rural development.


Integrated Administration and Control System Department

Missions of the Department are to ensure management and maintenance of Agricultural Information System (AIS), Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS), to perform GIS based studies by providing necessary maps, satellite images and GIS data, to set up Farm Accountancy Data Network, and to provide integration with the external information systems.

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The CFCU, as the Implementing Agency, is responsible for the overall budgeting, tendering, contracting, payments, accounting and financial reporting aspects of all procurement of services, supplies, works and grants in the context of EU funded programmes. Under the responsibility of a “Programme Authorising Officer (PAO)”, the CFCU ensures that the EU rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to the procurement are adhered to and that a proper reporting system is functioning. Senior Program Officers (SPO) in the line ministries assist the PAO in technical implementation of the projects.

Missions of the Delegation are  to report on Turkey’s foreign policy and to represent the European Union at diplomatic level,  to monitor economic, financial and trade developments in Turkey in  the external relations field , as well as the implementation of the Customs Union’s provisions in relations to the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU, in the framework of the EU accession negotiations, to monitor Turkey’s progress in meeting the requirements of the political criteria and the acquis and to assist the unfolding of the negotiations and  Concerning Pre-Accession Programmes, the Delegation supports Turkish institutions in charge of applying decentralised cooperation procedures and monitors the effective implementation of more than 250 projects.